Therapy appointments:  Therapy is scheduled for clients on a weekly basis.  Therapy sessions are 45 minutes in length.  Dana Fogel-Stark reviews notes, completes progress notes and prepares for her sessions 15 minutes before her scheduled appointments.  It is beneficial for clients to arrive to sessions on time to obtain the 45 minutes.

Cancellation Policy:  Therapy appointments are reserved for each client on a weekly basis.  Therefore should you need to cancel an appointment please do so within 24 hours in advance, otherwise a charge will be submitted.

Insurance Reimbursement:  Dana Fogel-Stark is not a provider with most insurance companies and therefore is out of network on most insurance panels.  Depending on your current insurance plan, you may be eligible to seek financial reimbursement for the weekly therapy services.  Dana Fogel-Stark provides clients with Statements of Professional Services.