Dana Fogel Stark
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
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Dana Fogel-Stark is an eclectic and directive psychotherapist.  Her teaching of emotional intelligence assists clients with emotional, relational and introspective transformation.
Dana Fogel-Stark is a Marriage & Family Therapist licensed by the State of California. She is a relationship expert, specializing in the treatment of Depressive Disorders, Anxiety Disorders and Couples Relational Issues.

Dana Fogel- Stark has extensive experience working with Adults, Couples and Children offering a comprehensive personalized approach. She believes in the importance of tailoring the treatment to meet each client’s individual needs.

Dana Fogel-Stark places emphasis on clients obtaining results and value from treatment. Dana Fogel-Stark believes individuals are able to achieve emotional health and personal growth as they work through the challenges that hinder them. She provides a non-judgmental environment through her accepting approach and warm demeanor.