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-Dana Fogel Stark

At a very difficult time in my life I found myself crying out for help in desperation for guidance, insight, and knowledge.  Choosing Dana as my therapist has been and will always be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Her soothing energy, compassion, insight, knowledge, and passion for her work took me to a place of deeper understanding than ever before.  I have done a 180 degree transformation in the past year and a half and it wouldn’t have been possible without her expertise.  I now feel more whole as a person, self-fulfilled, and my relationships with friends and family are blossoming more than ever. There is a sense of peace within me after growing through therapy with Dana. The insight I have gained and the tools I’ve learned will be used for the rest of my life. No one could go wrong choosing Dana as their therapist. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to go to therapy and see results.  JM

I would like to begin by thanking my therapist, Dana Fogel-Stark. I started seeing Dana for a year now and I can now say I have “Grown with Therapy.”

Prior to coming to Dana I was a woman full of anxiety and doubts. Many times I found myself feeling like a hamster spinning it’s wheels as my OCD controlled me.

The therapy sessions I had with Dana have really showed me how to use and incorporate the tools and techniques learned through therapy alone!

Today, I walk with confidence and assurance knowing that I will be able to handle stressful situation using my new found skills.

Thank you Dana!!!  VG

I write this as an enthusiastic endorsement of Dana Fogel-Stark, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dana for the past two years. Dana is of the highest caliber. She is warm, friendly, helpful, energetic and extremely perceptive. She reads people very well and utilizes this skill, along with her considerable intelligence and insight, in her daily relationships she has with her clients.

Dana is a hard working, dedicated and compassionate professional who has consistently provided excellent clinical care to the children, adolescents and families she serves. She has a keen ability to assess the needs of each client and develop and implement a therapeutic and behavioral treatment plan to address those needs.

Families have found Dana to be immensely helpful in assisting them in improving their parenting skills. Her passion and energy is evident in the services she designs and delivers. Clients feel safe and supported by her and significantly benefit from the treatment she provides. As a result of Dana’s commitment to ensuring brighter futures for the children, she goes “above and beyond” to provide much need case management services. Dana is an exceptional person whom I admire and respect enormously. Because of all the qualities and characteristics mentioned, I highly endorse Dana on any endeavor she finds worthy.”

Cindy Freeman-Thompson
School Psychologist
Los Angeles Unified School District –
Gaspar de Portola Middle School

Dana has been very positive and has opened my eyes to behaviors that I need to work on and together we are moving forward in correcting those behaviors.

On September 12, 2008 my life changed forever and I did not know if or how I was going to cope with the tragic death of my father. After months of suffering I decided to try and get some help. I came across Dana Fogel Stark’s number and with nervousness made my first appointment for therapy. At my first appointment I immediatly felt comfortable with Dana. She made me understand that what I was feeling was normal. Six months later, after seeing Dana on a weekly basis I am coping and dealing with the aftermath of my Dad’s death alot better then I ever thought I would. She gives all the right resources and tools to help me cope and she is always there whenever I need her. I am very thankful for her and all her help in leading me in the right direction for a happy and healthy life.

For about 9 months now I have been visiting Dr Dana once a week. If Icould, I would never leave her office. Dana gently nudges me to be all I can and work through issues i have not been able to work through in the past , even with the help of other therapists. She is kind, gentle but straight forward and doesn’t let me hide behind my fears. I have had an extreme weight issue pretty much all of my life, masking painful events of my childhood. With Dana’s guidance, I have begun to look at this hurt child an heal the adult. If only I could stay there for an intensive month or so…. reality is I have a safe place to vent;a safe place to feel uncomfortable feelings; a safe place for my child to heal. Anyone wanting a full and joyous life would be privileged to have Dana as their therapist…she makes you work!

I have been in counseling with Dana Fogel-Stark for the last year and a half. She has proved to be a wonderful therapist and has helped me a great deal in communicating with my family and getting insight into my problems. She has a gentle demeanor and comforting style. My issues were always dealt with sensitivity and caring. As a result I am much stronger and insightful person than when I first began treatment. Dana is a highly intelligent and wise woman.

I can’t thank Dana enough for her help in learning how to understand and address my social anxiety and low self-esteem. It turns out the two go hand-in-hand. Through working on my social anxiety my self-esteem has increased and I enjoy and appreciate my life so much more. She taught me how to recognize, understand and accept my my feelings in any given situation. I no longer suppress my emotions and have learned to accept and express them with “emotional intelligence”. My friends and family have noticed a positive difference in me but more importantly I have noticed a positive change within myself and am proud of it. Dana tailored our sessions to meet my needs and I didn’t feel like just another client. No one should be embarrassed to go to therapy. It’s the best thing for personal development and can really assist with improving ones quality of life. I couldn’t be more grateful to Dana for helping me with this.

I have gone to many therapists in the past, and after seeing Dana Fogel-Stark was the first time that I felt the true value in therapy. I can honestly say that seeing Dana has made a big difference in my life. Dana is clinically sophisticated and attentive. She is different from other therapists in that she is directive, educating me through the process, teaching me skills and challenging me to work hard and make changes in my life that were necessary. Dana was very attentive to the goals of therapy and placed importance of making sure therapy was beneficial for me throughout the time I was seeing her. I would describe Dana as experienced, knowledgeable, and insightful. I would recommend Dana to anyone wanting to get results from therapy.